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Projects, Past & Present

1970 Mercury Cyclone GT


  After a 30 year search to find one of these rare 70's muscle cars, I purchased this one owner survivor and took 2 1/2 years to restore it to show quality. Winner of several trophies including best in class and one of the top 60 semi-finalist in Ontario's " Cruise National " competition 4 out of the 5 years entered, this Mercury muscle was a threat to win trophies at any show entered.

It was sold in August 2012 to make time for my 1947 KB2 Panel Truck

1947 International KB2 Panel

  I have owned this  rare 1947 International  KB2 panel for close to 40 years, and was using it year round as daily transportation and to tow our stock car to Flamboro Speedway for most of that time. The panel was dis-assembled in 2001 for what was supposed to be a winter restoration of the frame and rear axle replacement. Major damage found to the main floor support beams the following spring has forced a complete re-building and restoration of every inch of the KB, a project that, because of the 70 Cyclone and other projects, is now in it's 16th year, and still not complete. The 47 panel was scheduled to be back on the road in 2013, but was not completed until June of 2018. Since then, we have been to 5 main car shows and have won 3 awards

1973 Cougar XR7 Convert.

Dennis's 1973 Cougar XR7 originally came in for complete front suspension overhaul an overheating when in a drive through or traffic. After replacing all the front suspension we installed a 6 blade fan and water wetter to hopefully address the heating issue. We also replaced a leaking expansion plug and at that time noticed that the bottom of the water jackets were full of sediment. It also had the beginnings of a leaking oil pan.

Now it was back to have the engine removed, the block flushed out, new expansion plugs and a new/old oil pan installed along with a rear main and timing set, then the entire engine detailed and re-installed.

1970 Montego 4dr Sedan

Adam's 1970 Mercury Montego is the next classic project for the shop. Purchased a few weeks ago as a cruiser, the base model 4 dr was in very good overall condition.

1975 AMC Pacer X Clone

Originally  we were consulted about performing a complete mechanical restoration on a 1976 AMC Pacer X that the customer had dis-assembled him-self, but, at the client's insistence,  that was changed to restoring a 1975 Pacer X Clone purchased after our initial meeting, and the original Pacer X was to be used for parts

1968 Mustang Coupe

Wayne's 1968 Mustang arrived as a rolling shell with newer mustang wheels and set up for an automatic transmission. The wheels needed adaptors to fit and thankfully came off to never be seen again. The engine was suposed to be a 500 hp 302 that Wayne had purchased from a guy in the states, so the plan was to add frame conectors to stiffen up the chassis. Wayne also wanted the Mustang converted to a manual trans. Roughly  5 tables of parts arrived with the car to help in the build.

It took around 5 months to compete the car, and although not everything that Wayne would have liked done to the car was allowed to be finished because of budget issues, he had a nasty little hod rod that was safe and roadworthy


1973 Cougar XR7 "Q" Code

Don's 1973 Cougar XR7 Convertable is a fairly rare car, the 1973 Cougar was not and overly popular car, and this one is a hard to find "Q" Code or "Cobra Jet" model. Don found this car in a barn where it had been stored for around 20 years. Another shop had done around $1900 worth of repairs to get the Cougar running and the suspension & brakes working, and then Mike Johnson next door replaced most of the floor panels. 

Our job was to safety the Cougar and get it ready for the road.

1970 Montego 4dr Sedan

               Part 2

Adam's 1970 Mercury Montego had some oil leaks and a couple of expansion plugs leaking so the car came back at the end of the 2018 cruising season to origonally have the engine removed & rebuilt, but the funds where not there to do the whole engine, so, against my better judgment, we pulled it, and replaced the expansion plugs and rear main seal. We also installed new chrome covers, 4V intake & Carb , & Alternator, and several other add-ons that the customer wanted instead of the rebuild

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